Children’s parties

Soap bubbles for children’s parties!

Do you like soap bubbles??? Bubble artist Claudia StroeRomania’s Got Talent 2014 Finalist – is ready to start the games and contests with soap bubbles.

Bubblelandia – A fascinating, fragile and mysterious world that your guests will step into and where they will learn how to play with soap bubbles.
After a Hand Made Bubble demonstration where we will meet famous characters modelled in soap bubbles, we have captivating games of ping pong, basketball, bubble in bubble, catch the bubble, Me in a Bubble (introducing children in giant soap bubbles).

Bubble Parade – a type of show that can be organised outdoor to launch soap bubbles of various sizes, from small bubbles to giant soap bubbles.

Shows recommended for children’s events, indoor/outdoor children’s parties with a duration of 30-40 minutes.