Bubble artist & Magician Claudia Stroe – Romania’s Got Talent 2014 Finalist - GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS HOLDER

Claudia Stroe

My artistic debut was in 1996 with Magician ROBERTINO, who became my partner on stage and in life. Working together, we have given many magic shows that have taken us around the world for ten years. In 2007 we returned to our country and established an entertainment company for children,, which promotes magic shows as part of any type of event.

I started with a soap bubble effect in a magic show and then I wanted more, it took me a few years to come to a result, so in 2010 I presented for the first time in Romania a soap bubble show during a private event, and in 2012 I presented the Magic Bubble Show by Claudia Stroe at the Magic Art Festival Sibiu, a national premiere, a grand show that blends all the effects that can be obtained with soap bubbles, from bubble sculptures, magic effects with soap bubbles, Hand Made Bubble, Bubble Window, smoke bubbles, giant and rainbow bubbles at the soap bubble symphony.

I love bubble effects, as they are a challenge because they are not easy to work with, we all know how fragile and sensible they are, which is why any bubble show is a challenge for me and will never be a cliché because I will never know the way the solution is going to work, but I will be sure of one thing, namely the satisfaction of seeing a children’s smile on people’s faces, no matter their age.

“Magic Bubble Show by Claudia Stroe“     “B WOW !!!”     “Bubblelandia“     Bubble Parade“ - these are variants of shows where I like to combine spectacular magic effects with the fascinating world of Soap Bubbles.

Incredible levitation effects, spectacular doves productions, dancing objects will compete against true works of art carved in soap bubbles. Music, lights, magic and soap bubbles are just some of the ingredients of a superb show that will delight audiences of all ages – B WOW !!!

Soap bubble shows recommended for Corporate Events, Festivals, Malls, Weddings, Anniversaries, Trade Show, TV Show and other cultural and social events.

Magic Bubble Show by Claudia Stroe