If you are looking for an artistic moment for a unique event,
B WOW !!! by Claudia Stroe proves to be a great HIT.

Claudia Stroe B WOW !!! - The only show in Romania on the market, Magic and Soap Bubbles, an innovative, creative show that blends all the effects that can be obtained with soap bubbles, from sculptures, Hand Made Bubble, Bubble Window, smoke bubbles, magic effects, levitation, foam bubble, giant and rainbow bubbles at the soap bubble symphony, a show for events of all sizes, from parties to corporate events.

Bubble artist CLAUDIA STROE combines entertainment, art and science in a fairy tale show, using a complex range of tricks to bring on stage the delicacy, the colours and the unusual shapes of soap bubbles.

B WOW – a type of show like you have never experienced before, where the craft of the artist will be challenged so that true works of art come to life from a dreamlike, fantastic, almost unreal world.

B WOW !!! - a show for indoor locations, with a duration of 30-60 minutes, recommended for Festivals, Malls, Theatre and other cultural events.

VIDEO Magic Bubble Show by Claudia Stroe :