TV Show

Claudia Stroe – Bubble artist & Magician can provide various artistic moments for :

» TV Show with a duration of 3-10 minutes
» Theater Show with a duration of 5-60 minutes
» Circus Show with a duration of 5-15 minutes

Bubble artist CLAUDIA STROE combines entertainment, art and science in a fairy tale show, using a complex range of tricks to bring on stage the delicacy, the colours and the unusual shapes of soap bubbles.

"It was a fairy tale performance, very well prepared. A visual delight." - Mihai Petre

"Claudia Stroe – The bubble girl – from Romania’s Got Talent told an extraordinary story just with water and soap." -

"What can be more beautiful than playing with soap bubbles and making an art out of it?" - Andra

"Claudia has long left behind the stage of illusions, confirming her craft in performance art." - Andi Moisescu

VIDEO Neatza cu Razvan si Dani, Antena 1 :