Unique show in Romania for Weddings!

Your wedding day is magical and memorable, and your family and friends celebrate with you the most important day of your life.
Do you want the most innovative show at your wedding?
Do you want all your guests to be impressed with your wedding?

For a modern, sophisticated wedding, we propose an incredible and original artistic moment, MAGIC BUBBLE SHOW by Claudia Stroe, a show that will complete the fairy tale of the bride and groom, taking the audience to another dimension. Bubble artist Claudia Stroe – the only artist in Romania who blends magic with effects obtained with soap bubbles, Romania’s Got Talent 2014 Finalist, will create a fantastic world where the dimensions, the colours and the shapes of soap bubbles will fascinate audiences of all ages. After incredible magic and soap bubble sculpture effects, the Bride and the Groom will have the chance to seal their promise with a magical kiss under a rainbow made of soap bubbles.

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Wedding show recommended for indoor events with a duration of 20-30 minutes

VIDEO Bubble Show for Weddings :